Please Note that Dream Kid Spa uses organic and all natural nail polish for all nail services. We do this for the safety of your children, and believe that using chemical free and non-toxic products is the best way to run our business. However upon parent request we are able to provide adult nail polish for the kids’ service and adult services.

All Dream kid Spa parties are approximately 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours, depending on your chosen party package and number of guests. We require 30 minutes set-up time before each party. Our parties operate according to a set schedule; therefore, all parties must start on time (weather permitting). Under absolutely no circumstances, will we be able to wait for latecomers. They may join in, at the point of the party’s progression, when they arrive. If the party runs into overtime, due to no fault of the Dream Kid spa parent or guardian of the child will be responsible for overtime fees (due upon receipt).

A, non-refundable credit card deposit, must be paid to Dream Kid spa, to secure your party date. The deposit amount will depend on your chosen party theme. Your complete party balance must be paid, before or on arrival of Dream Kid spa on the day of your party, to a Dream team associate, by cash or credit card. If your final balance is paid by credit card, there will be a 5% processing fee added to your bill. (No Personal Checks, No Exceptions)

We require a phone confirmation, of your final headcount and/or any changes, you would like for your party, at least 7 business days prior to your party. After this time, we will not be able to honor any last minute requests (some exceptions may apply, and will be determined by Dream Kid spa. We understand that it can be a little hectic with getting confirmations from your guests, and narrowing down your last minute party details. Even so, you must understand that there is a significant amount of time that goes into preparing for each party, which is solely based upon your chosen party package and your final headcount. Therefore, on the day of your party, your final balance will reflect the amount, according to your chosen party package and final headcount given to us, by you, at the time of your phone confirmation. If you have no-shows or last minute cancellations (over the initial 8 girls), or you decide against doing a craft or add-on, that we were asked to prepare for, you will be responsible for paying half of that additional fee, due upon receipt, to Dream Kid spa

If your party needs to be cancelled, you must notify Dream Kid spa within 72 hours of your party, to be eligible for a reschedule. You will be offered the opportunity to reschedule, according to our availability. All deposits paid to Dream Kid spa are non-refundable, except under certain circumstances, which will be determined by Dream Kid spa. A refund request must be submitted in writing, by the person that paid the deposit, within 30 days of your party date.

 All photos taken by Dream Kid Spa during your party are solely the property of Dream Kid Spa and may possibly be used by Dream Kid Spa for advertising purposes only.

Dream Kid Spa parties are for entertainment purposes only. We exercise special care in being sanitary and using mild kid-friendly products that are especially sensitive to young skin. Although, we make no claims of being licensed professional technicians, cosmetologists, or estheticians. Therefore, we take no responsibility for any allergic reactions of any party guest. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian, hosting the party, to alert Dream kid Spa, in advance, of any allergies that any of the children may have. Dream Kid Spa reserves the right to refuse services on any child, for any reason, that we feel may impose a health risk to others.

Dream Kid Spa takes no responsibility for any injuries or property damage caused by any party guest. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian, hosting the party, to supervise the children, keeping them safe and under control during the party. In case of lost or damage of any Dream Kid Spa equipment or party items, caused by a party guest, whether intentional or unintentional, the parent or guardian hosting the party, will be held responsible for the monetary reimbursement of that item.

Dream Kid Spa reserves the right to refuse any party, under the conditions of what we consider to be an unsafe environment for our party associates.